Category: Friendship

July 22, 2020

More thoughts on Wendell

“There are thousands of worlds in all of us. Gorgeous, terrible, wild, contradictory, imaginative fascinating worlds.  To know someone deeply is to know a universe contained in skin.”    ~ Victoria Erickson  Wendell Rodricks had a unique contract with life.  How else do you explain the long list of laudable achievements; pioneer of minimalist resort wear in […]


May 14, 2020

How Wendell Rodricks taught me to ‘give it away’

‘Lisa, I don’t know if you’ve already heard. Dearest Wendell passed away today.’ I saw the message on the evening of February 12th and could not react. Not for entire minutes. When I rechecked my phone the message was still there, along with more, an outpouring of disbelief and grief, ‘I can’t believe he’s gone.’ […]