Category: Travel

April 12, 2020

Rough Notes From Tbilisi

We land June 16th  at 9:25 am in Tbilisi airport. ‘Tbilisi loves you’ is etched in the floor at the end of the aerobridge. The airport is cavernous, a bit bedraggled around the edges, preternaturally quiet and particularly unnerving to us Asia dwelling urbanites; both Hong Kong – where we arrived from- and Mumbai- where […]


January 7, 2020

Lisa Ray’s Hong Kong

In my stubbornly nomadic personal history, Hong Kong feels like my last frontier. I’ve moved for adventure, and for work, but coming here is the first time I’ve moved for love— earlier this year, my husband accepted a new position in Hong Kong while I set about renovating a home and career in Mumbai. Before […]